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Behind the camera

​Hi, I'm Kim Walker, a Sydney-based commercial photographer who has been working in the photographic industry for almost a decade. I am committed to producing unique, creative and engaging images for my varied client groups and individuals.


I enjoy the challenge of new briefs and opportunities, developing concepts to bring any creative idea to fruition and producing original works that exceed my client's expectations. My experience enables me to offer styling solutions for budget conscious clients, whilst also enjoying the collaborative and creative process of working with other professional colleagues such as stylists and make-up artists for the larger, complex and more challenging projects.

I've always been drawn to photography by its multiplicity, instantaneity and power as a visual language accessible to a multitude of audiences. Combining my fine arts university education in photography with a craft, which has been shaped by my work, and experience with advertising production companies, I am able to capture both the big picture as well as maintain a keen eye for detail.

My playful and relaxed approach to life, with a passion for food and four legged friends, is reflected in my work, bringing a bright and fun aesthetic and ethos to my photography. An avid traveller and committed community volunteer, I spend my leisure time attempting to make a difference to our society.

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